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“. . .[we] work as a team; it’s how is to be tutored by Pat. Aim and go for it. It’s how she works!”
  • Glycon, Brazil (Skype student; commercial airline pilot wanting to improve his already good English)
“I have studied with Pat for one year. I didn’t imagine that my English would improve so much. Thanks, Pat.”
  • Léo, Brazil (Skype student; commercial airline pilot wanting to increase his ICAO language proficiency rating)
“ I came from South Korea, and it just passed one month since learning English . . . via Skype. As I know, Pat has a long time experience and is fully qualified in teaching English in the United States and outside of the US. So, she helps me to improve and enrich my general English fluency, especially speaking, pronunciation, and workplace English. Also, it is extremely convenient for me to learn English at home [via Skype] based on my flexible schedule. I can save a lot of time and feel relaxed. I'd like to keep on learning English with Mrs. Johnson after returning to South Korea.”
  • Seungchul, South Korea (Skype student; retired Army helicopter pilot, entering civilian life)
"I'm  so grateful for the wonderful learning experience I've enjoyed with Pat. Her kind and compassionate methods are perfect to maximize learning while minimizing the struggles in developing my English abilities. My husband says my pronunciation has improved dramatically and he and I are now able to share full conversations in English. This has made our excellent relationship even better.
  • Mayra, Nicaragua (Skype student)

“Pat is the best English teacher I have ever had.  She has didactic knowledge I never found in other teachers.  I had a pleasure to be her student.”
  • Andrea, Brazil (in-class student)