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Hablamos un poco de Español   On parle un peu français    我们会说一点儿中文

Teaching English in China Absolutely Makes Your Amazing Happen is an informative, humorous, and reflective account of my cross-cultural and English language-teaching experiences in China. Along with the re-telling of my personal experiences, I have included cultural and language-teaching reflections that provide insights useful to anyone interested in teaching English in China.

Whether in a physical or virtual classroom, my passion is to give my students a confident and competent voice in English; that passion and the accompanying challenges and joys of accomplishing that in China are shared throughout the pages of this book with the intent of providing anyone with aspirations of teaching English in China a worthwhile, realistic, and encouraging "heads-up" towards their own successful and amazing language-teaching experience.

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​​"Let's Look At It This Way!" is what I would say to my adult ESL students in my college classes when they couldn't figure out the lessons and explanations in the textbooks we were using. This is a selected assortment of reproducible handouts that I have used over my years as an instructor in higher education Intensive English Programs.   It is available in a spiral-bound hard-copy or PDF version.

This is not a sequenced text but a supplement to whatever else you are using. It might present the information you're learning or teaching in a different way so that it's easier to learn and retain or teach.  The handouts cover Grammar, Reading, Writing, and Pronunciation. My students have kept these handouts long after they have left my classes to use as resources as they advance into regular academic programs.